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On the basis of oriented field investigation data and corresponding RS and GIS information, and by the method of ridge estimation, this paper studied the estimation model of vegetation coverage and its affecting factors in Yijinholo County of northeast Mu Us sandy land. The results showed that the vegetation coverage was affected by NDVI, and closely linked(More)
A simplified water balance model in conjunction with an evapotranspiration (ET) model and cumulative forest cover data were used to quantify the changes in annual water yield in response to reforestation in a large watershed, northeast China. Cumulative forest cover increased by 22 %, leading to a significant decrease in estimated annual water yield.(More)
By the contingent value method, we studied the non-use value of wetland ecosystem service of Hongxing National Nature Reserve (HNNR) in Heilongjiang Province, northeast China. The proportion of respondents willing to pay (WTP) for protection of HNNR was 63 %. The WTP ratio was affected by geographical area, contact nature, personal preferences, and familiar(More)
Large-scale marshland reclamation can cause substantial changes to the soil fungal community by disturbances associated with the growth of crop plants and by the addition of fertilizers and pesticides. In this study, high-throughput sequencing of the fungal-specific internal transcribed spacer (ITS) gene region was used to identify fungal taxa. We analyzed(More)
Taking Minqin Oasis in the downstream of Shiyanghe Rivers as example, the shrub characteristics of sand dune, which was closely related to the vegetation of the interface between the outside of oasis and desert, was studied in this paper. The change of vegetation coverage and dune density indicated that the vegetation coverage in the ecotone was obviously(More)
This paper evaluates the performance of the Coupled Model Intercomparison Project phase 5 (CMIP5) in simulating annual and decadal temperature in the Mekong River Basin from 1950 to 2005. By use of Bayesian multi-model averaging method, the future projection of temperature variation under different scenarios are also analyzed. The results show, the(More)
With the upper reaches of Gongbiela River in the northeast part of Xiaoxing' an Mountains as test area, this paper studied the hydrochemical characteristics of the streams in forest and swamp during the period of June - September 2004. The results indicated that the hydrochemistry of forest and swamp streams belonged to calcium-bicarbonate type I (C1(Ca)).(More)
Modern land-use planning and conservation strategies at landscape to country scales worldwide require complete and accurate digital representations of river networks, encompassing all channels including the smallest headwaters. The digital river networks, integrated with widely available digital elevation models, also need to have analytical capabilities to(More)
The study on the hydrochemical characteristics of three representative kinds of wetland in Gongbiela Basin showed that in the water of test wetlands, HCO3 - was the dominant anion, accounting for 81.91% - 85.46% of total anions, and Ca2+ was the dominant cation, accounting for 56.80% - 69.32% of total cations. The hydrochemical type belonged to that of(More)
By the method of runoff determination in large basin combined with contrast experiment in small watershed, and based on the runoff and forest resources data in past 35 years, this paper studied the serial changes of river runoff in Xiaoxing'anling after forest harvesting. The results showed that the river flow was increased in the early 10 years after(More)