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By the contingent value method, we studied the non-use value of wetland ecosystem service of Hongxing National Nature Reserve (HNNR) in Heilongjiang Province, northeast China. The proportion of respondents willing to pay (WTP) for protection of HNNR was 63 %. The WTP ratio was affected by geographical area, contact nature, personal preferences, and familiar(More)
A simplified water balance model in conjunction with an evapotranspiration (ET) model and cumulative forest cover data were used to quantify the changes in annual water yield in response to reforestation in a large watershed, northeast China. Cumulative forest cover increased by 22 %, leading to a significant decrease in estimated annual water yield.(More)
To achieve the unification of precise irrigation management, the system integrated GSM wireless communication technology, sensor technology, computer technology, automatic monitoring, and control technology in the study process. The system included the acquisition subsystem, the intelligent decision subsystem, and automatic control subsystem, with the(More)
Scatter hoarders are not able to defend their caches. A longer hoarding distance combined with lower cache density can reduce cache losses but increase the costs of hoarding and retrieving. Scatter hoarders arrange their cache density to achieve an optimal balance between hoarding costs and main cache losses. We conducted systematic cache sampling(More)
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