Tijana T. Ivancevic

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This paper proposes a novel chaotic reaction-diffusion model of cellular tumor growth and metastasis. The model is based on the multiscale diffusion cancer-invasion model (MDCM) and formulated by introducing strong nonlin-ear coupling into the MDCM. The new model exhibits temporal chaotic behavior (which resembles the classical Lorenz strange attractor) and(More)
Nonlinear space-time dynamics, defined in terms of celebrated 'solitonic' equations, brings indispensable tools for understanding, prediction and control of complex behaviors in both physical and life sciences. In this paper, we review sine–Gordon solitons, kinks and breathers as models of nonlinear excitations in complex systems in physics and in living(More)
In this report we review modern nonlinearity methods that can be used in the preterm birth analysis. The nonlinear analysis of uterine contraction signals can provide information regarding physiological changes during the menstrual cycle and pregnancy. This information can be used both for the preterm birth prediction and the preterm labor control.
Our aim was to determine the dynamics in muscle strength increase and fatigue development during repetitive maximal contraction in specific maximal self-perceived elbow extensors training program. We will derive our functional model for m. triceps brachii in spirit of traditional Hill's two-component muscular model and after fitting our data, develop a(More)
A Hill-type model is proposed for the extension-flexion cycle of human knees during bicycle riding. The extension-flexion cycle is controlled by a synergy of muscular excitations and contractions of the knee musculature. Muscular action potentials are modeled by Sine-Gordon kinks, while titin-influenced actomyosin contractions are modeled by Korteweg-de(More)