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Politics of fiscal consolidation in Europe: a comparative analysis
The aim of the article is to comparatively describe and explain consolidation measures and political decision-making processes in 14 European countries. The consolidation measures followed a similarExpand
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Cutback management literature in the 1970s and 1980s: taking stock
The main purpose of this article is to take stock of the literature on public sector cutback management in the 1970s and the 1980s, with a specific focus on cutback strategies and the contents ofExpand
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The Impact of Fiscal Crisis on Decision‐Making Processes in European Governments: Dynamics of a Centralization Cascade
The Great Recession resulted in fiscal crises for governments across the Western world. Significant cuts in government programs were initiated as many governments scrambled to reduce their growingExpand
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Literature review on cutback management
Introduction The literature review at hand is the first deliverable of Work Package no. 7 The global financial crisis in the public sector as an emerging coordination challenge of the EU SeventhExpand
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Demand- and supply-based policy transfer in Estonian public administration
Abstract The aim of this study is to analyze the role of foreign influence in the development of Estonian central government since the beginning of the 1990s. A distinction is made between two typesExpand
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Global Financial Crisis, Public Administration and Governance: Do New Problems Require New Solutions?
A financial crisis, or any crisis, is likely to produce a variety of responses from governments. This article discusses the range of responses that may be possible, pointing out that diametricallyExpand
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The Impact of the Fiscal Crisis on Public Administration Reforms: Comparison of 14 European Countries
Abstract This study aims to empirically test a widespread assumption that fiscal crises instigate administrative reforms. The empirical analysis relies upon an international comparative study of theExpand
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Fiscal Crisis and Expenditure Cuts
The Great Recession resulted in fiscal crises for governments across the Western world. Significant cuts in government programs and in public administration itself were initiated as many governmentsExpand
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Small States and Bureaucracy: Challenges for Public Administration
1. Small societies and small states Interest in small states as a separate field of study is still at an early stage of development, although the first studies were carried out in the 1950s and 1960sExpand
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Public sector HRM: the case of no central human resource strategy
Purpose – The purpose of the paper is to outline and analyse the limitations and opportunities of decentralised human resource management (HRM) in the public sector.Design/methodology/approach – TheExpand
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