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Nitric oxide (NO) exerts direct effects on nephron transport. We determined the effect of NO on Na(+)-K(+)-2Cl(-) cotransport in a cell line (MMDD1) with properties of macula densa. Na(+)-K(+)-2Cl(-) cotransport was measured as bumetanide-sensitive (86)Rb(+) uptake in the presence of ouabain. MMDD1 cells expressed mRNA for the neuronal isoform of nitric(More)
Blood pressure targets and medications that are safe differ in pregnant women compared with nonpregnant individuals. The principles of treatment for mild, moderate, and severe hypertension in pregnancy, chronic versus gestational versus preeclampsia, and women hypertensive at term versus remote from term are reviewed. The choice of antihypertensive drugs(More)
BACKGROUND Cloacal malformation is extremely rare, occurring in approximately 1 in 25 000 births. It frequently has associated Müllerian anomalies that require surgical correction. CASE We describe here a patient with cloacal malformation, solitary kidney, bilateral fallopian tube obstruction, and didelphic uterus who required in vitro fertilization to(More)
Although renal disease in pregnancy is uncommon, it poses considerable risk to maternal and fetal health. This article discusses renal physiology and assessment of renal function in pregnancy and the effect of pregnancy on renal disease in patients with diabetes, lupus, chronic glomerulonephritis, polycystic kidney disease, and chronic pyelonephritis. Renal(More)
BACKGROUND People who are homeless and chronically alcoholic have increased health problems, use of emergency services and police contact, with a low likelihood of rehabilitation. Harm reduction is a policy to decrease the adverse consequences of substance use without requiring abstinence. The shelter-based Managed Alcohol Project (MAP) was created to(More)
BACKGROUND New onset hypertension (gestational hypertension and preeclampsia) complicates 6-8% of pregnancies and usually resolves postpartum, but the time to normalization of blood pressure (BP) in the postpartum period is not known. METHODS We performed a retrospective cohort study of previously normotensive women who developed gestational hypertension(More)
BACKGROUND The homeless have high rates of mortality, but live in environments not conducive to terminal care. Traditional palliative care hospitals may be reluctant to accept such patients, due to behavior or lifestyle concerns. The Ottawa Inner City Health Project (OICHP) is a pilot study to improve health care delivery to homeless adults. This is a(More)