Tiina Muurinen

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Mitochondrial myopathy (MM) with progressive external ophthalmoplegia (PEO) is a common manifestation of mitochondrial disease in adulthood, for which there is no curative therapy. In mice with MM, ketogenic diet significantly delayed progression of the disease. We asked in this pilot study what effects high-fat, low-carbohydrate "modified Atkins" diet(More)
BACKGROUND Anoctaminopathies are muscle diseases caused by recessive mutations in the ANO5 gene. The effects of anoctaminopathy on oxidative capacity have not previously been studied in a controlled setting. OBJECTIVE To characterize oxidative capacity in a clinically and genetically well-defined series of patients with anoctaminopathy. METHODS We(More)
Rumination refers to bringing up undigested or partially digested food mass from the stomach into the mouth to be rechewed and ingested. This manner of digestion is characteristic of e.g. cattle, but exceptional and likely to cause symptoms for humans. This rare malfunction can be traced on the basis of accurate patient history and confirmed at a test meal(More)
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