Tiina M. Seppänen

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An integral equation approach is derived for an electromagnetic scattering from an M multilayered dielectric domain. The integral equation is valid for 2D and 3D Helmholtz equation. Here we show the numerical solution for the 2D case by using the Nyström method. For validating the method we develop a mode matching method for the case when the domains are(More)
BACKGROUND Respiratory effort belt measurement is a widely used method to monitor respiration. Signal waveforms of respiratory volume and flow may indicate pathological signs of several diseases and, thus, it would be highly desirable to predict them accurately. Calibrated effort belts are sufficiently accurate for estimating respiratory rate, but the(More)
Allergic rhinitis is a major chronic respiratory disease and an immunoneuronal disorder. We aimed at providing further knowledge on the function of the neural system in nasal allergic reaction. Here, a method to assess simultaneously the nasal airflow resistance and the underlying function of autonomic nervous system (ANS) is presented and used during the(More)
We develop a numerical algorithm that computes the Green's function of Maxwell equation for a 2D finite-size photonic crystal, composed of rods of arbitrary shape. The method is based on the boundary integral equation, and a Nyström discretization is used for the numerical solution. To provide an exact solution that validates our code we derive multipole(More)
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