Tiina Laaksonen

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(+)-Dehydroabietylamine (1a), the novel derivatives (2a-6a) and their NTf2 salts (1b-6b) were tested as chiral NMR solvating agents for the resolution of enantiomers of the model compound Mosher's acid (7) and its n-Bu4N salt (8). Best enantiomeric discrimination of 7 was obtained using bisdehydroabietylamino-N(1),N(2)-ethane-1,2-diamine (6a), and of 8(More)
In a within-subjects design, 18 subjects listened to white noise, the intensity of which was controlled by themselves. They were instructed to choose the intensity they experienced as "clearly annoying." Three kinds of white noise were used: continuous, intermittent regular, and intermittent irregular. In the two intermittent conditions, the proportion of(More)
This note describes a task that requires simple reasoning and can be used, e.g., in research on noise. The task includes a series of items of approximately equal difficulty. Each item consists of five geometric figures and a sentence that claims to describe spatial relations between the figures. The subject must decide whether the description is true. The(More)
Chiral tertiary and quaternary amine solvating agents for NMR spectroscopy were synthesized from the wood resin derivative (+)-dehydroabietylamine (2). The resolution of enantiomers of model compounds [Mosher's acid (3) and its n-Bu₄N salt (4)] (guests) by (+)-dehydroabietyl-N,N-dimethylmethanamine (5) and its ten different ammonium salts (hosts) was(More)
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