Tiina Koponen

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We present a questionnaire called Attrak-Work to support the evaluation of user experience of mobile systems in the context of mobile news journalism. We discuss theoretical background of the questionnaire and describe the development process including the field study within which the questionnaire was developed. The presented questionnaire assesses user’s(More)
Today's handheld mobile devices with advanced multimedia capabilities and wireless broadband connectivity have emerged as potential new tools for journalists to produce news articles. It is envisioned that they could enable faster, more authentic, and more efficient news production, and many large news producing organizations, including Reuters and BBC,(More)
Today’s mobile multimedia phones with broadband connectivity have brought novel ways for journalists to live out their hectic profession. We interviewed six forerunners in Finnish news organizations on mobile phone usage in news production. Here, we present our results on how and why they use mobile phones in news production and provide implications for(More)
Globalization and the search for experiential aspects of technology products and services have increased the demand for cross-cultural user feedback. Remote methods would suit agile global data collection, but only few common practices yet exist. Thus, the goal of the present study was to determine ways in which common visual stimulus material(More)
Location-based services are increasingly popular, and the Earth has become covered with geotagged data. To assess a novel approach to access this information, we conducted a field trial of a mobile mixed reality application called MAA, which operates on a mobile phone. MAA displays a view through the Earth and geospatial content in the direction to which(More)
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