Tigran S Kurtikyan

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The oxy-cobolglobin models of the general formula (NH(3))Co(Por)(O(2)) (Por = meso-tetra-phenyl and meso-tetra-p-tolylporphyrinato dianions) were constructed by sequential low temperature interaction(More)
Interaction of NO ((15)NO) with amorphous layers of Ru(II) carbonyl porphyrin (Ru(TPP)(CO), TPP(2-) = meso-tetraphenylporphyrinato dianion) was monitored by FTIR spectroscopy from 80 K to room(More)
Complexes of the (nitro)( meso-tetrakis(2- N-methylpyridyl)porphyinato)cobalt(III) cation, [LCoTMpyP(2)(NO 2)] (4+), in which L = water or ethanol have been immobilized through ionic attraction(More)