Tiger J. Y. Liu

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Drop tower is the most common ground-based facility to provide microgravity environment and widely used in many science experiments. A differential space accelerometer has been proposed to test the spin-gravity interaction between rotating extended bodies onboard a drag-free satellite. In order to assist design and test of this inertial sensor in a series(More)
The coupling processes within the system Atmosphere-Thermosphere-Ionosphere attract more and more attention from the scientific community. One of the most discussed recently topics is the coupling mechanism which generates anomalies in different near-Earth shells starting from boundary layer of atmosphere up to magnetosphere of our planet, which was(More)
The FORMOSAT-3/COSMIC (F3/C) constellation lunched on 15 April 2006, which consists of six micro-satellites in the low-earth orbit, is capable of monitoring the troposphere and ionosphere by using the powerful technique of radio occultation. With more than 2000 observations per day, it provides an excellent opportunity to monitor three-dimensional(More)
The existing system suggests that of serving in restaurant do not appear to be completely digitized, still a consumer need to be compelled to observe for server to supply his order list that unit on the market among the menu card. This truly takes ton overabundant time and man power in addition there can also be heap of inconvenience to the consumers to(More)
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