Tiffany Shao

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PURPOSE Registration of new anticancer drugs is usually based on results of randomized controlled trials (RCTs) showing improved efficacy when compared with standard therapy. There is relatively less emphasis on toxicity. In our study, we analyze serious toxicities of newly approved anticancer drugs reported in pivotal RCTs used for drug registration. (More)
BACKGROUND Multifocal renal cell carcinoma of different histological subtypes within a single kidney is rare. We report a recently classified clear cell (tubulo) papillary renal cell carcinoma as part of an unusual case of multifocal renal cell carcinoma of discordant histological subtypes. RESULTS A 57 year-old-man was found to have multiple renal tumors(More)
BACKGROUND "Waterfall plots" are used to describe changes in tumor size observed in clinical studies. Here we assess criteria for generation of waterfall plots and the impact of measurement error in generating them. METHODS We reviewed published waterfall plots to investigate variability in criteria used to define them. We then compared waterfall plots(More)
This research applied social domain theory to illuminate reasoning about the perceived legitimacy and limits of group decision making (majority rule) among adolescents from urban and rural China (N = 160). Study 1 revealed that adolescents from both urban and rural China judged group decision making as acceptable for both social conventional and prudential(More)
OBJECTIVES Human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 (HER2; ERBB2 gene) is of prognostic and predictive significance in breast carcinoma. Both fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) and dual-color in situ hybridization (DISH) methods are available. DISH and FISH are highly concordant in validation studies, but differences may be more prevalent in the(More)
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