Tiffany S Yu

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From July 1992 to March 1993, we conducted a community-based prevalence survey of migraine and other types of recurrent headache by a telephone interview of 2,240 households with 7,356 persons aged 15 and above. 311 patients with recurrent headache were successfully interviewed. Of these, 101 were clinically validated. The overall prevalence rates were 1%(More)
AIMS To study the agreement between audiometric test results measured in non-soundproof environments at the worksite, and in a soundproof booth. METHODS In a cross sectional prevalence study on noise induced hearing loss, 885 transport workers whose hearing thresholds were measured by a standard audiometric test method in non-soundproof environments at(More)
By using an animal model of parkinsonism, we examined the expression of GABA(A) receptor (R) and metabotropic glutamate receptor (mGluR) 5 in the basal ganglia after transplantation with dopamine-rich tissue. The adult rats were unilaterally lesioned by the injection of 6-hydroxydopamine to their left medial forebrain bundles. At 5-10 weeks following the(More)
Arabidopsis mutants affecting ADPG pyrophosphorylase (ADGase) activity can be divided into two complementation groups, adg1 and adg2. Previous biochemical studies of adg2-1 mutant indicated that mutant plants do not accumulate ADGase large subunit protein and that ADGase small subunits assemble as homotetramers. This suggested that the ADG2 gene may encode(More)
OBJECTIVE The purpose of this study was to evaluate the opinions of experienced cyclists on perceived influence of a posture-cueing shirt with compressive properties on their comfort and recovery. METHODS Twenty experienced cyclists wore a compressive shirt during rides and as a postride recovery shirt; cyclists rated their perceived experiences during(More)
This study describes the time trend of cerebrovascular disease (CVD) mortality during the period 1976-1995 in Hong Kong and explores the period and birth cohort effects using Poisson regression models with correction for overdispersion of data. A clear downward trend was observed for age-adjusted CVD mortality rate in both sexes. It decreased from 84 per(More)
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