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The murine developmental mutation T identifies an essential gene in mesoderm formation. Embryos lacking normal gene activity fail to form the notochord, the entire posterior region and the allantois, and die at about 10 days of gestation. We have isolated the T gene using a combination of molecular and genetic techniques, thus making molecular tools(More)
The embryonic heart tube is formed by the migration and subsequent midline convergence of two bilateral heart fields. In Drosophila the heart fields are organized into two rows of cardioblasts (CBs). While morphogenesis of the dorsal ectoderm, which lies directly above the Drosophila dorsal vessel (DV), has been extensively characterized, the migration and(More)
Examining the work of Pakistani-American performance artist Naveed Mir's The Cinco Sanders Show, this thesis explores Mir's work as conjuring the specters of the terrorist, tortured, and targeted bodies of the U.S. war on terror and unpacks ghosting/haunting as a primary technology of U.S. imperialism. Through close readings of Mir's characters Party Mummy(More)
  • Brandy j. Pettijohn, BRANDI PETTIJOHN, Brandi Joie’ Pettijohn, Tiffany King, Julianna Kubala
  • 2016
Queen Afua created the Sacred Woman as a text and program that seeks to heal women of common disorders that particularly affect the African American community. This thesis project is a conversation about the self-care methods embedded within the text that moves away from the ideology of the strongblackwoman. I position both theories and methods of self-care(More)
Sexual representations in Seba al-Herz's Saudi Arabian novel The Others span various kinds of sexual identification and experience. Surface level readings of the novel find examples of lesbian identities and encounters, but a deeper, more nuanced examination of the novel unearths a complex set of queer desires, practices, sexual encounters, and(More)
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