Tiffany Morisseau

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It has generally been assumed that high-level cognitive and emotional processes are based on amodal conceptual information. In contrast, however, “embodied simulation” theory states that the perception of an emotional signal can trigger a simulation of the related state in the motor, somatosensory, and affective systems. To study the effect of social(More)
Learners of most languages are faced with the task of acquiring words to talk about number and quantity. Much is known about the order of acquisition of number words as well as the cognitive and perceptual systems and cultural practices that shape it. Substantially less is known about the acquisition of quantifiers. Here, we consider the extent to which(More)
According to the age of acquisition (AoA) hypothesis, words acquired early in life are processed faster and more accurately than words acquired later (see Juhasz, 2005; Johnston & Barry, 2006 for reviews). Connectionist models have begun to explore the influence of the age/order of acquisition of the items (and also their frequency of encounter) (Ellis &(More)
An utterance such as 'Show me the large rabbit' potentially generates a contrastive inference, i.e., the article the and the adjective large allow listeners to pragmatically infer the existence of other entities having the same noun (e.g. a small rabbit). The primary way to measure children's ability to carry out this pragmatic inference has been through(More)
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