Tiffany M. J. Taylor

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Subjects named the colors in which high- and low-frequency words and pronounceable nonwords, otherwise matched, were displayed. Color naming was slower for all three item types than for visually equivalent strings of nonalphanumeric symbols but was no slower for words than for nonwords, nor for high-frequency words than for low-frequency words.(More)
The performance of fallible counters is investigated in the context of pacemaker-counter models of interval timing. Failure to reliably transmit signals from one stage of a counter to the next generates periodicity in mean and variance of counts registered, with means power functions of input and standard deviations approximately proportional to the means(More)
iii COMMITTEE MEMBERSHIP TITLE: Effect of antimicrobials and sodium replacement agents on the survival of pathogenic bacteria in low sodium low-moisture part-skim (LMPS) mozzarella cheese AUTHOR: Recent increases in chronic cardiovascular diseases, such as hypertension, have put pressure on the food industry to reduce sodium levels. Dairy products, though(More)
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