Tiffany M Cooper

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Patients failing to obtain benefit from nicotine polacrilex gum in their efforts to quit smoking may be inadvertently blocking nicotine absorption. Effective nicotine absorption depends on the mildly alkaline saliva that is produced when buffering agents in the polacrilex are released along with nicotine as the polacrilex is chewed. We found that(More)
One hundred eighteen volunteers were studied in a hospital-based smoking cessation program in which nicotine polacrilex (Nicorette) was used as an adjunct to behavioral modification (group support). The "success" rate of 40% to 47% at 1 year was chemically verified. The regimen for using the nicotine polacrilex was "within labeling" but decidedly different(More)
The Python infrared-sensitive pit organ is a natural infrared imager that combines high sensitivity, ambient temperature function, microscopic dimensions, and self-repair. We are investigating the spectral sensitivity and signal transduction process in snake infrared-sensitive neurons, neither of which is understood. For example, it is unknown whether(More)