Tiffany Lago

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Adolescence is the most sensitive period for the development of pathological anxiety. Moreover, specific neural changes associated with the striatum might be related to adolescent vulnerability to anxiety. Up to now, the study of anxiety has primarily focused on the amygdala, bed nucleus of the stria terminalis (BNST), hippocampus and ventromedial(More)
Research documents a reciprocal impact of anxiety on working memory (WM), although its strength and direction depend on factors like task difficulty. A better understanding of these factors may generate insights into cognitive mechanisms of action involved in anxiety, culminating into treatment implications. By blocking the physiological effects of anxiety,(More)
In helicopters, the low frequency noise generated by the rotors and engines often masks and jeopardizes safe communication. Additionally, pilots are likely to suffer from hearing damages due to the higher sound levels in the headset produced whencompensatingfor the noiseby increasedspeakerlevels. A feasible approach is to reduce the low frequency noise(More)
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