Tiffany K Roberts

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Endometriosis is a common and painful condition affecting women of reproductive age. While the underlying pathophysiology is still largely unknown, much advancement has been made in understanding the progression of the disease. In recent years, a great deal of research has focused on non-invasive diagnostic tools, such as biomarkers, as well as(More)
BACKGROUND Clinical guidelines recommend laboratory monitoring of transgender persons on cross-sex hormone therapy, but gender-specific reference intervals leave clinicians with the dilemma of deciding what is "normal" for each patient. The goal of this study was to identify consistent changes in measurands with hormone therapy and determine which reference(More)
This article examines the experience of families who contacted a child and family community mental health treatment center, but then did not follow through to receive even one session of diagnosis or treatment at the agency. The paper reports the base rate for this behavior in a large (N = 2,358) sample of cases who either only made inquiry or who received(More)
BACKGROUND Most published studies on seafarer health have focused on patterns of mortality, injury and communicable diseases. Little information is available regarding lifestyle-related cardio-metabolic disease in maritime populations. AIMS To describe health characteristics of a population of US inland waterway merchant marine captains and pilots. (More)
The transgender community is arguably the most marginalized and underserved population in medicine. A special issue focusing on men's health would be incomplete without mention of this vulnerable population, which includes those transitioning to and from the male gender. Transgender patients face many barriers in their access to healthcare including(More)
Muscle wasting is a hallmark of uremic cachexia and has frequently been attributed to malnutrition that manifests as anorexia in chronic kidney disease. However, recent evidence indicates that proteolytic mechanisms are responsible for atrophy. Cheung and colleagues have reexamined the links between loss of lean body mass and nutrition. They demonstrate(More)
A 33-year-old woman presented with amenorrhea and weight gain of 27.2–31.8 kg, despite diet and exercise, as well as progressively worsening acne. Symptoms began subsequent to a spontaneous abortion 5 years earlier and had become especially concerning during the past year. There was no notable family medical history. The patient did not report taking any(More)
The transplanted liver appears resistant to antibody-mediated injury compared to other transplanted organs such as kidney or heart. However, a growing number of reports suggest that alloantibody to the liver is associated with poorer outcomes. The data surrounding this field are unclear, and their interpretation remains controversial. Mechanistically, there(More)
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