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Yield of Lumbar Puncture Among Children Who Present With Their First Complex Febrile Seizure
OBJECTIVE: To assess the rate of acute bacterial meningitis (ABM) among children who present with their first complex febrile seizure (CFS). DESIGN AND METHODS: This study was a retrospective, cohortExpand
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Yield of Emergent Neuroimaging Among Children Presenting With a First Complex Febrile Seizure
Objectives The objective of this study was to assess the risk of intracranial pathology requiring immediate intervention among children presenting with their first complex febrile seizure (CFS).Expand
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Acute Periorbital Infections: Who Needs Emergent Imaging?
OBJECTIVES: Computed tomography (CT) is used often in the evaluation of orbital infections to identify children who are most likely to benefit from surgical intervention. Our objective was toExpand
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No Longer a “Nursemaid’s” Elbow: Mechanisms, Caregivers, and Prevention
Objectives We sought to identify specific mechanisms leading to radial head subluxation, as well as correlation with different caregivers, as a potential platform for education and injury prevention.Expand
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The Yield of Neuroimaging in Children Presenting to the Emergency Department With Acute Ataxia in the Post–Varicella Vaccine Era
To determine the yield of neuroimaging in children presenting to the emergency department with acute ataxia in the post–varicella vaccine era, we conducted a cross-sectional study between 1995 andExpand
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Predictors of a drainable suppurative adenitis among children presenting with cervical adenopathy
Objectives: We sought to identify predictors for a drainable suppurative adenitis [DSA] among patients presenting with acute cervical lymphadenitis. Methods: A retrospective cross sectional study ofExpand
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Should patients with complex febrile seizure be admitted for further management?
Background and aims: Children with first complex febrile seizure (CFS) are often admitted for observation. The goals of this study were 1) to assess the risk of seizure recurrence during admission,Expand
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