Tiffany D Justice

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OBJECTIVE This study examined the age-associated rate of incomplete mammograms requiring additional testing based on Breast Imaging-Reporting and Data System (BIRADS) score. METHODS A retrospective, observational study design from a tertiary medical center was used to evaluate which explanatory variables significantly predicted whether a woman had an(More)
In 28 healthy adults, we compared the dynamic interaction between respiration and cerebral autoregulation in 2 groups of subjects: those who did and did not develop presyncopal symptoms during 70 degrees passive head-up tilt (HUT), i.e., nonpresyncopal (23 subjects) and presyncopal (5 subjects). Airflow, CO2, cerebral blood flow velocity (CBF), ECG, and(More)
BACKGROUND Rarely, endometriosis occurs in an abdominal wall scar after a cesarean delivery. CASE This case report summarizes the presentation, diagnosis and treatment of a woman with an abdominal wall endometrioma within a cesarean delivery skin incision scar. CONCLUSION An abdominal wall endometrioma needs to be considered in the differential(More)
There are multiple clinical situations where cryopreservation of sperm is required including sperm banking prior to chemotherapy or radiation treatment for cancer, donor sperm for couples without a male partner, and various etiologies of male factor infertility. Bunge and Sherman presented the first pregnancy resulting from the thawing of cryopreserved(More)
Irradiation of the orbit is often associated with substantial dose inhomogeneity resulting from the insertion of lens blocks. We postulated that such dose inhomogeneity, which often exceeds 40%, could be halved by the use of two pairs of wedged beams, one angled in the sagittal plane and the other in the commonly employed transverse plane. The sagittal(More)
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