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Diversity-oriented synthesis of macrocyclic peptidomimetics
Structurally diverse libraries of novel small molecules represent important sources of biologically active agents. In this paper we report the development of a diversity-oriented synthesis strategyExpand
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Synthesis of a stereochemically diverse library of medium-sized lactams and sultams via S(N)Ar cycloetherification.
We have implemented an aldol-based "build/couple/pair" (B/C/P) strategy for the synthesis of stereochemically diverse 8-membered lactam and sultam scaffolds via S(N)Ar cycloetherification. EachExpand
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Synthesis of stereochemically and skeletally diverse fused ring systems from functionalized C-glycosides.
A diversity-oriented synthesis (DOS) strategy was developed for the synthesis of stereochemically diverse fused-ring systems containing a pyran moiety. Each scaffold contains an amine and methylExpand
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Diversity-oriented synthesis of macrocyclic