Tiffanie K Jones

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Expression of cyclins D1 (cD1) and D2 (cD2) in ventricular zone and subventricular zone (SVZ), respectively, suggests that a switch to cD2 could be a requisite step in the generation of cortical intermediate progenitor cells (IPCs). However, direct evidence is lacking. Here, cD1 or cD2 was seen to colabel subsets of Pax6-expressing radial glial cells(More)
OBJECTIVES Septic shock is associated with increased long-term morbidity and mortality. However, little is known about the use of hospital-based acute care in survivors after hospital discharge. The objectives of the study were to examine the frequency, timing, causes, and risk factors associated with emergency department visits and hospital readmissions(More)
UNLABELLED We studied the hemodynamic effects of propofol during elective cardiac catheterization in 30 children with congenital heart disease. Sixteen patients were without cardiac shunt (Group I), six had left-to-right cardiac shunt (Group II), and eight had right-to-left cardiac shunt (Group III). The mean (+/-SD) ages were 3.8+/-3.1 yr (Group I),(More)
The association between admission coma score and eventual outcome was assessed using a coma scale developed for children with a variety of central nervous system injuries. As opposed to the Glasgow coma scale, this scale does not demand assessment of verbalization, and thus can be applied to the preverbal or previously intubated child. Cortical function is(More)
RATIONALE The epidemiology of post-acute care use and hospital readmission after sepsis remains largely unknown. OBJECTIVES To examine the rate of post-acute care use and hospital readmission after sepsis and to examine risk factors and outcomes for hospital readmissions after sepsis. METHODS In an observational cohort study conducted in an academic(More)
BACKGROUND Hospital readmissions are common, expensive, and increasingly used as a metric for assessing quality of care. The relationship between index hospitalizations and specific outcomes among those readmitted remains largely unknown. OBJECTIVES Identify risk factors present during the index hospitalization associated with death or transition to(More)
OBJECTIVE Plasma interleukin-1 beta may influence sepsis mortality, yet recombinant human interleukin-1 receptor antagonist did not reduce mortality in randomized trials. We tested for heterogeneity in the treatment effect of recombinant human interleukin-1 receptor antagonist by baseline plasma interleukin-1 beta or interleukin-1 receptor antagonist(More)
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