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Expression of cyclins D1 (cD1) and D2 (cD2) in ventricular zone and subventricular zone (SVZ), respectively, suggests that a switch to cD2 could be a requisite step in the generation of cortical intermediate progenitor cells (IPCs). However, direct evidence is lacking. Here, cD1 or cD2 was seen to colabel subsets of Pax6-expressing radial glial cells(More)
The association between admission coma score and eventual outcome was assessed using a coma scale developed for children with a variety of central nervous system injuries. As opposed to the Glasgow coma scale, this scale does not demand assessment of verbalization, and thus can be applied to the preverbal or previously intubated child. Cortical function is(More)
OBJECTIVES Septic shock is associated with increased long-term morbidity and mortality. However, little is known about the use of hospital-based acute care in survivors after hospital discharge. The objectives of the study were to examine the frequency, timing, causes, and risk factors associated with emergency department visits and hospital readmissions(More)
UNLABELLED We studied the hemodynamic effects of propofol during elective cardiac catheterization in 30 children with congenital heart disease. Sixteen patients were without cardiac shunt (Group I), six had left-to-right cardiac shunt (Group II), and eight had right-to-left cardiac shunt (Group III). The mean (+/-SD) ages were 3.8+/-3.1 yr (Group I),(More)
RATIONALE The epidemiology of post-acute care use and hospital readmission after sepsis remains largely unknown. OBJECTIVES To examine the rate of post-acute care use and hospital readmission after sepsis and to examine risk factors and outcomes for hospital readmissions after sepsis. METHODS In an observational cohort study conducted in an academic(More)
BACKGROUND Breast cancer subtypes (BCS) determined from immunohistochemical staining have been correlated with molecular subtypes and associated with prognosis and outcomes, but there are limited data correlating these BCS and axillary node involvement. This study was conducted to assess whether BCS predicted for nodal metastasis or was associated with(More)
PURPOSE Given the paucity of data on racial disparities in ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS), the data from a multi-institutional cohort of DCIS patients treated with breast-conserving surgery and whole breast radiation therapy (RT) were analyzed to determine whether racial disparities or differences exist. METHODS AND MATERIALS A total of 533 white and 76(More)
Acknowledgements The work described in this thesis could not have been accomplished without the support, guidance, and encouragement of many people. First and foremost, thanks are due to my adviser, John Allman, for being such a humane and wise mentor. I will always admire, and strive to emulate, his ability to extract knowledge from a diverse array of(More)
BACKGROUND Distal osteotomies of the first metatarsal are commonly used to correct hallux valgus deformities. Of the distal osteotomies, the Austin osteotomy is popular among foot surgeons on an international level. The precision of the osteotomy is important to achieve a congruous osteotomy. OBJECTIVES The purpose of this study was to examine the effects(More)