Tiffani K. Quan

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Chd proteins are ATP-dependent chromatin remodeling enzymes implicated in biological functions from transcriptional elongation to control of pluripotency. Previous studies of the Chd1 subclass of these proteins have implicated them in diverse roles in gene expression including functions during initiation, elongation, and termination. Furthermore, some(More)
In vertebrates, the receptor families deleted in colorectal cancer (DCC) and UNC5 mediate responses to the bifunctional guidance cue netrin-1. DCC mediates attraction, whereas a complex of DCC and UNC5 mediates repulsion. Thus, a primary determinant of the responsiveness of an axon to netrin-1 is the presence or absence of UNC5 family members on the cell(More)
We acknowledge the work of many past PDP collaborators. In this brief overview we draw together data available from other sources into one high-level portrait of some basic demographics in STEM in American higher education. In a speech in 2003, Shirley Tilghman (then president of Princeton University) laid out a set of " compelling arguments why we should(More)
The Professional Development Program (PDP) is at the heart of the education programs of the Institute for Scientist & Engineer Educators. The PDP was originally developed by the Center for Adaptive Optics, and since has been instrumental in developing and advancing a growing community of scientist-and engineer-educators. Participants come to the PDP early(More)
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