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This paper introduces GAVIP, an interactive and immersive platform allowing for audiovisual virtual objects to be controlled in real-time by physical gestures and with a high degree of intermodal coherency. The focus is particularly put on two scenarios exploring the interaction between a user and the audio, visual, and spatial synthesis of a virtual world.(More)
Our study focuses on multimodal information access to audiovisual databases, and evaluates the effect of combining the visual modality with audio information. To do so, we have developed two new exploration tools, which extend two information visualization techniques, namely Fisheye Lens (FL) and Pan&Zoom (PZ), to the auditory modality. The FL technique(More)
Situated in the context of multimedia browsing, this study concerns perceptual processes involved in searching for an audiovisual object displayed among several distractors. The aim of the study is to increase the perceptual saliency of the target in order to enhance the search process. As blurring distractors and maintaining the target sharp has proved to(More)
To improve presentation strategies in multimedia browsing systems, perceptual processes involved in the search of a specific audiovisual object displayed among several distractors were investigated. The aim was to enhance the perceptual salience of the target to facilitate and speed up the search process. As visual blur was previously shown as an effective(More)
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