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The estimation accuracy of batteries’ State of Charge (SOC) plays an important role in the development of hybrid electric vehicle (HEV). Accurate estimation of SOC can prevent battery from overly charging and discharging, so the lifetime of batteries will be increased. Although Kalman filter algorithm has better estimation accuracy for HEV application in(More)
On basis of traditional battery performance model, paper analyzed the advantage and disadvantage of SOC estimation methods, introduced Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference Systems which integrated artificial neural network and fuzzy logic have predicted SOC of battery. It’s a battery residual capacity model with more generalization ability, adaptability and high(More)
In consideration of some traits of battery stations, such as decentralization, long distance, too many stations and difficulties of distribution lines, the article presents a scheme of construction a remote surveillance and control system with multiModem, designed and realized a battery remote surveillance and control system. The system can realize the(More)
This paper introduces an aquaculture multi-parameter monitoring system. The hardware structure of the system is introduced, the software design of the system is described in detail and the flow charts of the key functions are presented. By using the Profibus-DP field bus, more monitoring stations are joined together to constitute a distributed monitoring(More)
In order to realize office automation, management standardization and modernization of the ammeter management in locomotive depot, we have designed the ammeter administration subsystem in the office automation system of locomotive depot. The system point out a new way for solving the energy statistic problem of locomotive depot and railway electricity(More)
A method for analyzing the concentrated windings back-EMF in permanent magnet brushless DC motor, based on the analytical calculation of one phase back-EMF by using Fourier series, has been developed and validated by comparing computing waves to measured waveforms. And the paper discussed the influence on back-EMF of design parameters.
Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) has been widely used in many areas, and the performance of fingerprint matching algorithm is important for AFIS. The point matching algorithm based on alignment function is proposed after having analyzed bifurcation angle algorithm, curve fitting algorithm, information of structure algorithm, nearest(More)
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