Tieying Liu

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This paper reports an algorithm (DTV) for determining the minimal reduced-covering of an acyclic database scheme over a specified subset of attributes. The output of this algorithm contains not only minimum number of attributes but also minimum number of partial relation schemes. The algorithm has complexityO(⋎N⋎·⋎E⋎2), where ⋎N⋎ is the number of attributes(More)
Established a complete lattices description for the problem of mining association rules, gave the lower limit of the problem scale, and put forward a spatial partition search based itemsets frequency calculation model. Based on the improved FP-tree, gave a frequent itemset mining algorithm UPM (Upward Partition Mine) and proved that its complexity has(More)
During the study age in computer science, postgraduates with various specialties need good mathematical foundation to process their research. Current problem is classical course "Applied Mathematics" did not organically combine to research directions in computer science, which leads to widespread occurrence that students' mathematical(More)
This study highlights the importance to develop a scientific mathematical allocation model that is operable and practicable, explores the relationship between vehicle fuel consumption and the various influencing factors. Apart from the factors recognized in the previous studies, such as cylinder, displacement and weight, this study addresses the(More)
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