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To improve the performances of the parallel 6-axis force sensor with Stewart platform, the paper plots the indices atlases based on the screw theory and the theory of physical model of the solution space, and summaries the laws how the structure parameters affect the indices. Then, the sizable parallel 6-axis force sensor's structure parameters are(More)
In this paper, a snake-like robot based on a spatial linkage mechanism is proposed, and the reasonable structural parameters of the mechanism are obtained by performing kinematic simulation. The robot composes of nine modules that are connected by universal joint, and two servomotors are mounted on each module. The two motors drive two cranks, which drive(More)
To further improve the precision of sizable Stewart platform-based force/torque sensor with general spherical joints in existing manufacture and calibration techniques, substituting spherical joints with three equivalent revolute joints, the paper presents the friction model of sizable parallel 6-axis force sensor with Stewart structure based on the screw(More)
Nowadays improving the accuracy and enlarging the measuring range of six-axis force sensors for wider applications in aircraft landing, rocket thrust, and spacecraft docking testing experiments has become an urgent objective. However, it is still difficult to achieve high accuracy and large measuring range with traditional parallel six-axis force sensors(More)