Tieshan Liu

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Glycinebetaine plays an important role in the protection mechanism of many plants under various stress conditions. In this study, genetically engineered maize plants with an enhanced ability to synthesise glycinebetaine (GB) were produced by introducing two genes, glycine sarcosine methyltransferase gene (ApGSMT2) and dimethylglycine methyltransferase gene(More)
PURPOSE The purpose of this study was to fabricate a tissue-engineered bone graft anchoring dental implant with bone marrow stromal cell (bMSC) seeded coral-implant composite scaffold. MATERIALS AND METHODS Titanium dental implants (3 mm in diameter) were inserted into the cylinder coral scaffolds (5 mm in diameter and 1 mm in wall thickness). bMSCs were(More)
A novel yellow-green leaf mutant yellow-green leaf-1 (ygl-1) was isolated in self-pollinated progenies from the cross of maize inbred lines Ye478 and Yuanwu02. The mutant spontaneously showed yellow-green character throughout the lifespan. Meanwhile, the mutant reduced contents of chlorophyll and Car, arrested chloroplast development and lowered the(More)
Endosperm development plays an important role in the determination of grain weight in maize. In this context, a spontaneous recessive shrunken kernel mutant, shrunken1-m (sh1-m), identified from improved maize inbred line Zheng58 (Gai-Z58) was studied. Physiological and microscopic analysis revealed that the sh1-m mutant significantly increased the content(More)
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