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In this note, we consider a class of uncertain dynamic nonlinear systems preceded by Bouc-Wen type of hysteresis nonlinearity. A new perfect inverse function of the hysteresis is constructed and used to cancel the hysteresis effects in controller design with backstepping technique. For the design and implementation of the controller, no knowledge is assumed(More)
A robust adaptive tracking control approach is presented for a class of strict-feedback single-input-single-output nonlinear systems. By employing radial-basis-function neural networks to account for system uncertainties, the proposed scheme is developed by combining "dynamic surface control" and "minimal learning parameter" techniques. The key features of(More)
In this paper, an adaptive fuzzy backstepping dynamic surface control (DSC) approach is developed for a class of multiple-input-multiple-output nonlinear systems with immeasurable states. Using fuzzy-logic systems to approximate the unknown nonlinear functions, a fuzzy state observer is designed to estimate the immeasurable states. By combining(More)
In this paper, an adaptive fuzzy decentralized output feedback control design is presented for a class of interconnected nonlinear pure-feedback systems. The considered nonlinear systems contain unknown nonlinear uncertainties and the states are not necessary to be measured directly. Fuzzy logic systems are employed to approximate the unknown nonlinear(More)