Tien Yu Wu

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Fig. 6. The normalized full spherical radiation patterns of the slot antenna at different frequencies and working modes: (a) 0.8 GHz and (b) 1.48 GHz at the standard slot mode, (c) 0.42 GHz and (d) 0.96 GHz at the half-slot mode. 0.42 GHz to 1.48 GHz, achieving an extremely large frequency ratio of 3.52:1. In the small overlapped frequency range, antenna(More)
In this paper, we introduce a three-dimensional numerical method for computing the wake behind a flat plate advancing perpendicular to the flow. Our numerical method is inspired by the panel method of J. The accuracy of the method will be demonstrated by comparing the 3D computation at the center section of a very high aspect ratio plate with the(More)
The process-induced thermal stress field in a glob top encapsulated single chip module is studied in this paper. The coefficient of thermal expansion mismatch between the encapsulant (epoxy) and the chip (silicon) can generate a high stress field near the encapsulant/chip interface when the chip assembly cools to room temperature after processing. This(More)
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