Tien-Yan Ma

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The automatic brightness control is a common functionality on the smartphone. Either Android phones or iPhones enable this capability by using the light sensor which located on the front panel. Unfortunately, the automatic brightness control is unsatisfactory on these two types of smartphones where the user always struggles with the brightness setup to(More)
This study develops an antenatal care information system to assist women during pregnancy. We designed and implemented the system as both a web-based service and a multi-platform application for smartphones and tablets. The proposed system has three novel features: (1) web-based maternity records, which contains concise explanations of various antenatal(More)
The lack of collecting cyclic garbage is generally considered the major weakness of reference counting. Reference counted systems handle this problem by incorporating either a global tracing collector or a partial tracing collector that considers only the cycle candidates. The latter has become a preferred one as it has better scalability and locality. Most(More)
A bedside card is generally used for showing an inpatient’s information in the ward. However a bedside card may reveal an inpatient’s private information. In this paper, we propose a prototype to replace the paper bedside card. The electronic bedside card is shown on a digital TV screen, once triggered by the medical staffs using a RFID(More)
Scalable Video Coding (SVC) is a new video coding standard with high efficiency and scalability. The digital right management (DRM) system for SVC should exploit the scalability and be easy to operate. Currently, there is no such a key management scheme for DRM system of SVC. Hence in this paper, a hierarchical key management scheme is proposed.(More)
With the increasing number of the elderly people, considerable research efforts have focused on developing homecare services. Many of these services are able to provide good cares, but most of them need professionals to configure the service environments. This paper presents a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) approach to creating smart daily services for the elders(More)
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