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This paper proposes a retrial queueing model with the finite number of sources to evaluate the performance of spectrum renting in mobile cellular networks. The model incorporates necessary ingredients such as the finite number of subscribers, their impatience and a queue for the outbound service. To consider the specific feature of spectrum renting and the(More)
The paper describes an e cient versatile and extensible software tool for the analysis of the quality of connectionless services in ATM networks The tool is named CLASS for ConnectionLess ATM Services Simulator CLASS is a time driven slotted synchronous simulator entirely written in standard C language CLASS allows the performance analysis of ATM networks(More)
1. The MM ∑K k=1 CPPk/GE/c/L G-Queue It is well known that the traffic in today’s telecommunication systems often exhibits burstiness i.e. batches of transmission units (e.g. packets) arrive together with correlation among the interarrival times [12]. Several models have been proposed to model such arrival-service processes, queues and networks. These(More)
Recently many works have been invested to overcome the low performance of TCP in wireless environments. These proposals are hardly adaptable in real networks due to high resource demand, non scalability and difficulties in their implementation. In this paper we propose a new technique that besides of allowing TCP to improve its performance also takes(More)
In this paper we introduce the new M/M/1 retrial queue with working vacations which is motivated by the performance analysis of a Media Access Control function in wireless systems. We give a condition for the stability of the model, which has an important impact on setting the retrial rate for such systems. We derive the closed form solution in equilibrium(More)
OBJECTIVES Early intervention for cognitive impairments seen in children with hydrocephalus is key to successful developmental outcome. Thus, the examination of the cognitive and behavioral functioning of children with hydrocephalus is important, given increasing survival rates and the potential to implement successful cognitive interventions. The current(More)
Multiprocessor system models are extensively used in modelling transaction processing systems, nodes in communication networks, and flexible machine shops with groups of machines. Such systems clearly, are prone to break-downs. Even if cover is provided with some probability c, there will be rebooting and/or reconfiguration delays to resume operation(More)
Optical packet and burst switching have been proposed for networks because of the increased demand for capacity to transport traffic generated by various applications at present and in future. In optical packet switching networks the payload and the header of a packet are conveyed in the same channel, while burst switching networks allow the separate(More)