Tien Tuan Dao

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Multi-scale modeling of the musculoskeletal system plays an essential role in the deep understanding of complex mechanisms underlying the biological phenomena and processes such as bone metabolic processes. Current multi-scale models suffer from the isolation of sub-models at each anatomical scale. The objective of this present work was to develop a new(More)
This present study aims to assess in vivo the nervous fibers distribution in the intervertebral disc using diffusion tensor imaging technique. Five healthy subjects participated into the data acquisition. Fiber extraction and tracking algorithms were used. The number of fibers in L4/5 disc ranges from 314 to 679 and the mean fiber length L4/5 in disc ranges(More)
Human musculoskeletal system resources of the human body are valuable for the learning and medical purposes. Internet-based information from conventional search engines such as Google or Yahoo cannot response to the need of useful, accurate, reliable and good-quality human musculoskeletal resources related to medical processes, pathological knowledge and(More)
Recent research studies aimed to simulate facial expressions or motions due to muscle contraction using biomechanical models ranging from basic to advanced muscle constitutive models. However, these models are based on generic geometries and there is a lack of experimental data for the numerical simulation as well as for the model validation in a clinical(More)