Tien-Tsai Huang

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Among all kinds of investment activities, security's transaction is an important activity among all investors' involvements in the past decade. How to find out the relationships between a security's name, price, trading quantity, and/or other scientific technical indices, humane feeling, and how these factors affect the buy or the sell timing is an(More)
In terms of flexibility and product variety in lot-sizing systems of crisp cases, the average demand of per unit of time (mj), the relative duration of setup (qj), and the unit cost of production (cj) are considered. Instead of using the usual method that the mj, qj, and cj in the total cost function are respectively fuzzified by the triangular fuzzy(More)
Consolidation of two large accelerator control rooms using digital computers connected by a data link is described. Several consolidation plans are discussed and the adopted solution is described. The key elements are touch panels operating with a TV display system. InRoduction At SLAC, the Central Control Room (CCR) is located beside the klystron gallery(More)
In recent years, the existing universities of Taiwan face crucial competition due to the multiple impact of the decreasing rate of birth, widespread establishment of new universities, and the opening of branch divisions of foreign universities in Taiwan. In order to survive and develop in such an environment, university authorities need to improve service(More)
1 According to the statistical random sampling method, estimation has been taken confidence interval into account in statistics due to the unknown probability for the deviations of point estimate. In terms of fuzziness or vagueness, confidence interval is defined as a range of numerical values, not a single value, so we have to discover an estimate for that(More)
Using signed distance for defuzzification and order statistics for measuring relative weight are applied in fuzzy evaluation of service quality. Many literatures reveal that service quality is usually evaluated by statistical method and also focused on one specific industry. The statistical method can estimate the mean of customers' satisfactory level of(More)
The information technology develops fast nowadays, shopping is a good example, in addition to going to real store or vendor machine; it is also possible to have the transaction done through internet. Through the virtual transaction mechanism made in internet, the consumers are able to not only purchasing products but also preview the product information.(More)
This paper considers the general model involving fuzzy appraisal system based on multiple weights. In evaluation problems, weight is the key factor that influences the final assessment results. Hence, how to find a more objective and realistic way to suit the different weigh system is an important topic. However, in tradition way, the vagueness of(More)