Tien T. Phan

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Important data are locked in ancient literature. It would be uneconomic to produce these data again and today or to extract them without the help of text mining technologies. Vespa is a text mining project whose aim is to extract data on pest and crops interactions, to model and predict attacks on crops, and to reduce the use of pesticides. A few attempts(More)
Relation extraction with accurate precision is still a challenge when processing full text databases. We propose an approach based on cooccurrence analysis in each document for which we used document organization to improve accuracy of relation extraction. This approach is implemented in a R package called x.ent. Another facet of extraction relies on use of(More)
Unlike mammals, zebrafish can regenerate their injured spinal cord and regain control of caudal tissues. It was recently shown that Wnt/β-catenin signaling is necessary for spinal cord regeneration in the larval zebrafish. However, the molecular mechanisms of regeneration may or may not be conserved between larval and adult zebrafish. To test this, we(More)
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