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In the wireless communication network, transmitting messages from sender to receiver may traverse several intermediate nodes. Any eavesdropper can attack in the communication channel, and any malicious intermediate node can act as receiver to intercept the message. The secure routing path must solve channel attacks and attacks in the malicious node. In the(More)
Transmitting message in secret is getting more and more important nowadays. In the classical world, the message we sent run the risk of being intercepted by an attacker. As a result, we have to encrypt the message, or send it using a private channel. However, if we transmit messages via such methods, there are still some ways to decipher the information.(More)
For vehicular networks, the security and privacy face two major challenges. One is the open wireless medium and the other is the high-speed mobility of the vehicles. For the open wireless medium, eavesdropping and man-in-the-middle attacks may exist in the communication path. This is called an unsafe routing path. Based on quantum nature, quantum channel(More)
Quantum communication networks need to securely transmit a quantum frame from source to destination. In the wireless communication network, source and destination have two types of connection: direct or indirect communication. In the direct connected mode, the transmission security can be achieved by using a quantum key distribution. In the indirect(More)
A multi-fingered robotic hand is developed using hydraulic actuation with fluidic actuators. A miniaturised hydraulic system is designed with all components intrinsically placed inside the palm. All finger parts of the prototype are integrated into a single unit and constructed from two part urethane mould, which is a very flexible material. Fourteen finger(More)
On Internet, the sender and receiver can not own the secure communication channel. Eavesdropping can attack the insecure channel to break the process of the signature scheme. Under an unsafe routing path, several attacks from Eve will be happened. In quantum cryptography, these physics properties such as no-cloning theorem, uncertainty principle and quantum(More)
In the mobile wireless communication network, the network is a dynamic topology. In addition, mobile ad hoc network is a vulnerable network. The message transmitted from source to destination may traverse several intermediate nodes. The sender and receiver need set up a routing path from source to destination. It is a hard problem to build a secure routing(More)
Currently, several cloud security threats on smartphones can be found. They often cause users serious financial loss or bring bad reputation to a company or a institute. To detect malicious behaviors on the smartphones, Taiwan military office sets up a measure on cloud-based instruction detection to prevent mobile devices from possible attacks, for example,(More)
In the wireless communication networks, quantum message integrity can be applied with quantum authentication and quantum signature if the source and destination are indirect communication. Eavesdroppers and malicious nodes may exist in the routing path from the source to the destination. There is major threat in the indirect communication. Based on quantum(More)
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