Tien-Hung Nguyen

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The population of microbes (microbiome) in the intestine is a symbiotic ecosystem conferring trophic and protective functions. Since the biochemical environment shapes the structure and function of the microbiome, we tested whether uremia and/or dietary and pharmacologic interventions in chronic kidney disease alters the microbiome. To identify different(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine resistance patterns of multiresistant Gram-negative organisms at a surgical hospital in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, in order to guide appropriate antibiotic prescribing and improve infection control procedures. METHOD All samples sent in for microbiological analysis over a 3-month period were included. A resource neutral double(More)
BACKGROUND Early mobility facilitated by physiotherapy has been shown to reduce the incidence of hospital-acquired pneumonia (HAP) in patients with hip fractures but its effect on HAP incidence in medical patients has not yet been studied. AIM To determine whether early mobility aided by physiotherapy reduces the incidence of HAP and length of stay in(More)
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