Tien-Hsin Chao

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The paper presents an advanced 3D imaging system based on a combination of stereo vision and light projection methods. A single digital camera is used to take only one shot of the object and reconstruct the 3D model of an object. The stereo vision is achieved by employing a prism and mirror setup to split the views and combine them side by side in the(More)
Feature detectors have been considered for the role of supplying additional information to a neural network tracker. The feature detector focuses on areas of the image with significant information. Basically, if a picture says a thousand words, the feature detectors are loolung for the key phrases (keypoints). These keypoints are rotationally invariant and(More)
– Results of ongoing work in developing methods for performing multi-sensor fusion for the purpose of locating unexploded ordnance in shallow water and creating models of the seafloor for visualization are presented. The sensor suite includes a forward-looking sonar, a low frequency side-looking sonar, a high frequency side-looking sonar, a magnetic field(More)
In real-world pattern recognition applications, multiple correlation filters can be synthesized to recognize broad variation of object classes, viewing angles, scale changes, and background clutters. Composite filters are used to reduce the number of filters needed for a particular target recognition task. Conventionally, the correlation peak is thresholded(More)
At the Optical Computing Lab in the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) a binary holographic data storage system was designed and tested with methods of recording and retrieving the binary information. Levels of error correction were introduced to the system including pixel averaging, thresholding, and parity checks. Errors were artificially introduced into the(More)