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Three white poppy seed samples of Papaver somniferum L were found to contain total morphine (free and bound) in the range 58.4 to 62.2 micrograms/g seeds and total codeine (free and bound) in the range 28.4 to 54.1 micrograms/g seeds. Soaking seeds in water was found to remove 45.6 per cent of the free morphine and 48.4 per cent of the free codeine. In(More)
— This paper investigates the characteristics of wind-induced slow fading in fixed wireless links where the first Fresnel Zone is partially obstructed by trees. Based on results from long term propagation measurements at 5.8GHz, we show that, besides seasonal and fast fading, the received signal in foliated fixed wireless links also experiences temporal(More)
Simple polarimetric force sensors based on high birefringence fibers are investigated theoretically and experimentally. The sensor consists of a linearly polarized light source, a birefringent fiber, an analyzer or polarizing prism and two photo detectors. At the input, one of the polarization modes is excited. At the output, power in the orthogonal(More)
Residual chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) and water-extractive residues in expanded polystyrene ware were determined because of the threat to environmental and public health arising from the ozone depleting potential of CFCs and the leaching of toxic monomers and oligomers into food and drink. Chlorofluorocarbon in expanded polystyrene ware was analysed using(More)
— This paper examines the temporal variation of the received signal strength (RSS) in foliated fixed wireless links resulting from the combined effects of wind speed, changes of wind direction and movement of foliage. The results of a long-term measurement campaign at 5.8 GHz are presented. These measurements reveal some interesting and unexpected results:(More)
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