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This study develops a fuzzy multi-objective linear programming (FMOLP) model for solving the multi-product aggregate production planning (APP) decision problem in a fuzzy environment. The proposed model attempts to minimize total production costs, carrying and backordering costs and rates of changes in labor levels considering inventory level, labor levels,(More)
This work develops an interactive fuzzy multi-objective linear programming (i-FMOLP) method for solving the fuzzy multi-objective transportation problems with piecewise linear membership function. The proposed i-FMOLP method aims to simultaneously minimize the total distribution costs and the total delivery time with reference to fuzzy available supply and(More)
Keywords: Project management Fuzzy set theory Two-phase fuzzy goal programming Fuzzy multi-objective linear programming a b s t r a c t In practical project management (PM) decision problems, environmental coefficients and related parameters are frequently fuzzy in nature, and a decision maker (DM) must simultaneously consider various conflicting objectives(More)