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This study empirically examined the effects of systematic market and common risk factors in explaining the variations in excess returns of securitized and direct real estate using multi-factor asset pricing models (MAP). The homogeneity of risk premia associated with the economic risk factors was also tested to determine whether the two real estate markets(More)
Publicly listed real estate firms offer an indirect form of real estate investment in Singapore, which are a less restrictive in terms of dividend distribution and asset holding requirements compared to the REITs. Do the dividend policies of these real estate firms differ from those adopted by the US REITs as shown in the earlier findings by Wang, Erickson(More)
PURPOSE To develop and validate a real-time motion management platform for radiotherapy that directly tracks tumor motion using ultrasound and MRI. This will be a cost-effective and non-invasive real-time platform combining the excellent temporal resolution of ultrasound with the excellent soft-tissue contrast of MRI. METHODS A 4D planar ultrasound(More)
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