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Presented in this paper is an algorithm to compute the intersections of a parametric regular surface with a set of parallel planes. Rather than using an ordinary surface-plane intersection algorithm repeatedly, we pre-process a surface to identify points, called topology transition points (TTP's), on the surface where the topologies of intersection curves(More)
Object-oriented programming is a promising approach for obtaining both modelling flexibility and ease-of-use in simulation software. In the object-oriented approach, the simulation modeler starts with an object ckrss library containing the types of objects relevant to his/her application. The modelling task consists of creating, manipulating and destroying(More)
This paper presents an algorithm to obtain the intersections of a free-form surface with a series of parallel planes. When sectioning the surface with parallel planes, the change of the topology of the intersection curves is caused by characteristic points of the surface. There are seven types of characteristic points: interior maximum, interior minimum,(More)