Tien Ba Dinh

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Skin color is one of most important source of information widely used in Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) system where detecting the presence of the human plays a key role. It is because of the dynamics and articulations of human body which is hard to be captured rather than using primitive feature like skin color. However, skin color varies across(More)
In this paper, we present fast approaches for object segmentation and surface restoration of indoor 3D point clouds, which are the results of 3D reconstruction methods or range scanners. These two problems are significant in constructing a augmented reality system using a range camera to build a virtual environment and provide the interaction mechanisms to(More)
The past few years have seen a rapid development in AI Planning and Scheduling. Many algorithms and techniques have been studied and improved to deal with more complex and difficult planning domains. One such innovation was Graphplan, first developed by Blum and Furst in 1995 and soon became one of the best approaches for optimal classical planning systems.(More)