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This study demonstrates that it is possible to investigate the membrane potential of interacting cells during the cytotoxic process using flow cytometry. Changes in the membrane potential of NK and K562 cells, involved in a cell-mediated cytotoxic process, were studied by standard and slit-scan flow cytometry, using the membrane potential sensitive(More)
We have developed a computer program based on the geometrical optics approach proposed by Roosen to calculate the forces on dielectric spheres in focused laser beams. We have explicitly taken into account the polarization of the laser light and thd divergence of the laser beam. The model can be used to evaluate the stability of optical traps in a variety of(More)
This thesis discusses the optimization and parallelization of an existing program written in Fortran 90. After profiling the program with different use-cases, two parts that will be optimized are selected. One of these is essentially a matrix-vector multiplication, the other calculates absorption of photons due to photoionization. Parallelization will be(More)
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