Tiejun Qiao

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Occurrence and fate of pharmaceuticals and personal care products (PPCPs) in drinking water was investigated in southern China. Fifteen and twelve PPCPs were detected with concentrations of 0-36 ng L(-1) in source water and of 0-20 ng L(-1) in treated water, respectively. Four PPCPs were detected with concentrations of approximately 1 ng L(-1) in drinking(More)
Microbial safety of a full-scale ozonation and biological activated carbon (BAC) process was investigated by examining pathogens, microbial community and particle counts, with emphasis on the BAC effluent. The process is located at South China, where the average humidity and air temperature were 70-80% and 22-24 °C, respectively. A high diversity of(More)
The performance of a hybrid granular activated carbon (GAC) and ultrafiltration (UF) process for water treatment was investigated using five types of UF membranes. The removal percentages for chemical oxygen demand (COD(Mn)), particles (> or = 2 microm) and total bacteria by the hybrid process were 30-40%, 98-99% and 76-92%, respectively. No invertebrates(More)
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