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We present the induced intuitionistic fuzzy ordered weighted averaging-weighted average (I-IFOWAWA) operator. It is a new aggregation operator that uses the intuitionistic fuzzy weighted average (IFWA) and the induced intuitionistic fuzzy ordered weighted averaging (I-IFOWA) operator in the same formulation. We study some of its main properties and we have(More)
Nowadays, along with mobile E-Commerce progress, mobile E-Commerce meets problems below: Firstly, the one is small Web bandwidth. Secondly, the other is high configuration of mobile telephone side. Furthermore user interface is also simple and unfriendly. “3G mobile E-commerce platform Based on Cloud Computing” have characteristics of high Web(More)
Nowadays data security is making a way into market. New techniques of data security have gained interest of many researchers. Encryption-Decryption technique is one such way of data security. These techniques not only provide confidentiality, integrity of data but also help in authentication of user. Authentication is possible because encryption-decryption(More)
OBJECTIVE The influence of age on the performance of percent free prostate-specific antigen (%fPSA) in diagnosing prostate cancer (PCa) in East Asians is controversial. We tested the diagnostic performance of %fPSA in a multi-center biopsy cohort in China and identified the proper age-specific cutoff values to avoid unnecessary biopsies. METHODS(More)
The Fourth Party Logistics (4PL) information system used today is comprised of disconnected legacy system, and lacks the support for interoperability for whole supply chain integration. This situation often prevents the 4PL provider from fully exploring market opportunities in a timely fashion. To address this problem, we propose an agent-based framework(More)