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Although much progress has been made, current low-level based visual information retrieval technology does not allow users to formulate queries through high-level semantics. More and more digitized art images appear on the Internet, and techniques need to be established on how to organize and retrieve them. In this work, a framework for retrieving art(More)
In this paper, we present a probabilistic multi-task learning approach for visual saliency estimation in video. In our approach, the problem of visual saliency estimation is modeled by simultaneously considering the stimulus-driven and task-related factors in a probabilistic framework. In this framework, a stimulus-driven component simulates the low-level(More)
Visual saliency is a useful cue to locate the conspicuous image content. To estimate saliency, many approaches have been proposed to detect the unique or rare visual stimuli. However, such bottom-up solutions are often insufficient since the prior knowledge, which often indicates a biased selectivity on the input stimuli, is not taken into account. To solve(More)
In this paper, a group-sensitive multiple kernel learning (GS-MKL) method is proposed for object recognition to accommodate the intraclass diversity and the interclass correlation. By introducing the "group" between the object category and individual images as an intermediate representation, GS-MKL attempts to learn group-sensitive multikernel combinations(More)
In the area of image retrieval, post-retrieval processing is often used to refine the retrieval results to better satisfy users' requirements. Previous methods mainly focus on presenting users with relevant results. However, in most cases, users cannot clearly present their requirements by several query words. Therefore, relevant results with rich topic(More)
General object recognition and image understanding is recognized as a dramatic goal for computer vision and multimedia retrieval. In spite of the great efforts devoted in the last two decades, it still remains an open problem. In this paper, we propose a selective attention-driven model for general image understanding, named GORIUM (general object(More)
Keyphrases play a key role in text indexing, summariza-tion, and categorization. However, most of the existing keyphrase extraction approaches require human-labeled training sets. In this paper, we propose an automatic key-phrase extraction algorithm using two novel feature weights, which can be used in both supervised and unsu-pervised tasks. This(More)
With the growing popularity of digitized sports video, automatic analysis of them need be processed to facilitate semantic summarization and retrieval. Playfield plays the fundamental role in automatically analyzing many sports programs. Many semantic clues could be inferred from the results of playfield segmentation. In this paper, a novel playfield(More)