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In an optomechanical setup, the coupling between cavity and resonator can be increased by tuning them to the same frequency. We study this interaction between a carbon nanotube resonator and a radio-frequency tank circuit acting as a cavity. In this resonant regime, the vacuum optomechanical coupling is enhanced by the dc voltage coupling the cavity and the(More)
By using dye tracing and image analysis, the characteristics and distribution of macropores in brown coniferous forest soil and dark brown forest soil on northern slope of Changbai Mountains were studied, with the factors affecting the formation of the macropores discussed. The results showed that the vertical distribution pattern of soil macropores could(More)
Based on the micrometeorological data of broad-leaved Korean pine forest in Changbai Mountain in 2003, a second-order closure model was employed to calculate and analyze the turbulent characteristics within and above the canopy of the forest. The calculated mean wind profile was coincident with the measured one. The Reynolds stress within the forest was(More)
This paper established a mathematical model to simulate the vertical one-dimensional flow processes in unsaturated zone, based on the basic equation of soil water movement and the actual layer structure of coniferous forest brown soil on northern slope of Changbai Mountains. The numerical discrete equations of this model were derived, and the procedure for(More)
By using Eulerian second-order closure model, this paper studied the source-sink distribution and flux characteristics of sensible heat within forest canopy under atmospheric thermally stratified condition. In the daytime, a notable feature for the atmospheric stratification of forest canopy was the unstable stratification above the canopy and the stable(More)
By using tension infiltrometer, this paper studied the amount and vertical distribution of macropores with the radius of > or = 0.5 mm, 0.25-0.5 mm and 0. 1-0. 25 mm in dark brown forest soil, brown coniferous forest soil, mountain soddy forest soil, and mountain tundra soil in Changbai Mountains, and the effects of these macropores on soil saturated flux.(More)
The measurement of soil hydro-physical properties under broadleaved Korean pine and dark coniferous forests on the northern slope of Changbai Mountains showed that under these two forest types, soil bulk density and porosity had the same variation trend with increasing soil depth, i. e. , bulk density and capillary porosity increased, while total porosity(More)
A simulation experiment was conducted to compare the effect of cutting and no-cutting at both slopes along a river on the rainstorm run-off in catchment, and a model was constructed. The results showed that the appearance of outflow and peak flow of surface run-off was later on forest slope than on forest-cutting slope. On forest slope, the duration was(More)
The decay of spin-valley states is studied in a suspended carbon nanotube double quantum dot via the leakage current in Pauli blockade and via dephasing and decoherence of a qubit. From the magnetic field dependence of the leakage current, hyperfine and spin-orbit contributions to relaxation from blocked to unblocked states are identified and explained(More)
In this paper, the definitions of soil macropore and macropore flow, their types, characteristics, generation mechanisms, and experimental methods in laboratory and field were introduced, and the research progress in their determination techniques, including dye tracing, slice up, penetration curve, tension infiltration apparatus, X-ray CT scanning, and(More)