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Since invisibility cloaks were first suggested by transformation optics theory, there has been much work on the theoretical analysis and design of various types and a few experimental verifications at microwave and optical frequencies within two-dimensional limits. Here, we realize the first practical implementation of a fully 3D broadband and low-loss(More)
Silveirinha and Engheta have recently proposed that electromagnetic waves can tunnel through a material with an electric permittivity (epsilon) near zero (ENZ). An ENZ material of arbitrary geometry can thus serve as a perfect coupler between incoming and outgoing waveguides with identical cross-sectional area, so long as one dimension of the ENZ is(More)
We propose a composite optical transformation to design an illusion device which can move the image of a target from one place to another place. Enclosed by such an illusion device, an arbitrary object located at one place appears to be at another place virtually. Different from the published shifted-position cloak which is composed of the left-handed(More)
We investigate a dc electric concentrator for steady current fields theoretically and experimentally. Based on the transformation electrostatics, we show that the dc concentrator can focus electric currents into the central concentrated region and enhance the electric field and current density. Outside the concentrator, the current lines are distributed as(More)