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The ever-increasing quantities of digital photo resources are annotated with enriching vocabularies to form semantic annotations. Photo-sharing social networks have boosted the need for efficient and intuitive querying to respond to user requirements in large-scale image collections. In order to help users formulate efficient and effective image retrieval,(More)
Actually, large database is not simply considered as a stream database because of streaming data is not only containing huge data volumes, but distributed, continuous, rapid, time varying. Therefore, the general techniques may not suit for streams exactly. Accuracy responses required of approximated answers is more important in stream processing for the(More)
In many applications such as sensor networks, similarity search is more practical than exact match in stream processing, where both the queries and the data items are always change over time. The volumes of multi-streams could be very large, since new items are continuously appended. The main idea is to build a small size of synopsis instead of keeping(More)